zaterdag 2 november 2013

My Best Advice for starters

Runnning around in circles and getting nowhere is a situations that many marketers are facing. Reason is not only lack of business plan, structure and proper time management. One of the top reasons is simply joining and promoting the wrong program.

The Marketers CooperativeI am doing marketing on a global level for a few years now and I have been in the same situation. I spent time and money on a few programs that disappeared after a while. I wasted time and money. So at a given point I made the decision to start my own business. Although I still do promote services of some trusted friends and partners I am mainly promoting my own business where I have complete control over.

This way I know that what I am promoting will still be there next year and the year after. There are many services you can start. There are scripts for sale for many online services: traffic exchanges, TAEs, advertising services, membership sites and many more (find an overview here).

Starting your own business is of course not a guarantee that you will be successful. Success depends on many factors. What you need to succeed is basically the same as what you need if you were going to start an offline business. The only difference is that you don't need a diploma and a large budget to get started.

Starting your own business opens doors for you. You can set up JVs with related businesses and services for mutual benefit. Partners in traffic generating services and downline builders are very important to spread the word about your business. You need partners and friends to advise you in areas where you lack skills and insight yourself. So how do you find these friends and partners? I have to recite the Bible for that: give and you will receive. Help others when you can. A perfect place to do that is on social business networks. It can be a simple as writing useful comments, sharing content from others and establish personal contacts.

If you want to be certain to get advice that is good for YOU and not solely for the person that gives that advice you may want to join the Marketers Co-op. Founder Bruce Bates and partners like Darren Olander, Tony Tezak, Colin Klinkert, Wincer Song and many others have joined together to offer their expertise and to help you succeed.

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