woensdag 6 november 2013

Brand New! TE Command Post Links

It is a great service for both TE Owners and Surfers. You can keep track of all your TE Credits and commissions through an easy interfase. There are special downline builder splashes available.

There is also TECommandoSurf: by surfing TEs simultaneously you get a percentage credits extra. Numbers vary daily but can be as high as 100% (usually on Sundays). Click here to check out the bonuses for today.

The latest addition TE CommandoPost Links is pretty awesome.

For TE Owners: your members can now help you promote your joint surfparties by promoting a special splashpage.

Commando Links allow you, as an exchange owner, to do joint promos with other traffic exchanges very easily with a big advantage. You can make a splash page advertising your joint promo to give to all of your traffic exchange's members. Your members can advertise this splash page with THEIR referral links inserted into the page automatically - by us.

All you have to do is make the splash page, add a few lines of code by us, and offer it to your members to advertise. They'll be advertising your joint promo splash page, with their referral links, with absolutely no effort on your part.

Pretty cool, indeed. Read more here

If you need splashes for this great new tool you can get one at WebmiepGraphics. Order the Splash once and use the 5 dollar update service for future joint promos.

I am upgraded in TE CommandPost and it's one of the best investments I ever did. Being owner of a Traffic Exchange and Graphic Designs Service I am a member of many TEs to promote both. I would be totally lost without it. So if you can afford it, join and take the OTO.

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