donderdag 14 november 2013

Mailers... A blessing and a curse?

When I started as a newbie I pretty much joined every credit mailer that was free to join. And, pretty stupid as I found out later, I joined them all with my main email address. At that time I had no idea of the huge numbers of mails they send out daily.

I set up filters for those later but not all are filtered out by the filters. So there were still way to many emails coming in my in-box. I have been planning and postponing for months to find a way to use credit mailers more and more effectively. I postponed it because I was unsure what the best way was to do this.

As you may know I am in the Marketers Co-op and one of the co-op partners is The Marketers Co-op give a guarantee for this program, provided you follow the rules listed in the members area of the Marketers Co-op.

I know Bruce long enough to know that he does not partner up with programs and people without potential so I signed up. As I had already figured out for myself a reorganization of my email accounts was needed. provided me a model on how to set it up.

The inside members area of has an awesome tool that saves me lots of time. You can load all your credit links that are extracted from your list mail and contact mails. This allows you to earn credits much faster because you do not have to open any in your personal mailbox. I use the tool almost daily.
The customer support of MySafelist.Biz is great when you get stuck with something.

So why am I still clicking myself silly? For one because many mailers I joined were inactive due to bounced email because I never looked at them.
Second reason is a bit of research to see how many times my banners are clicked and how many views my messages I get that I send out in TAEs. I need credits to send, so thats why.
There is a program for that TrafficZipper that keeps track of that and also has site and banner rotators. 

John Bell's Mailer Ninja is great to store messages to copy/paste and also great to build downlines in mailers.
A propos downlines: there are great downline builders specifically for mailers. For LMFTE mailers I recommend Viral Mailer Downlines and Get-Referrals.
When you are a fan of Maryanne Myer, there is the Happy Downline Builder. You can build downlines in all mentioned programs with your free downline builder site you can get here: SBT MUGged downline builder; its free to join.

ViralMailProfits is in my opinion the very best since they recently introduced Ultisend. Its a toll that lets you send mails directly from your browser but I am still in the process of setting things up there. When I am done with all that I will have a pretty good insight in what mailers work for me best. And which ones are worth upgrading in. Because I have better things to do than clicking myself silly.

Now that I am reorganizing all I am confident I will have good results without 'clicking myself silly'. I will keep you all posted.

I will post a second article when I am done with all organizing and set ups and have tried both TrafficZipper and ViralVitalPro for a while.

April 2013z

Looking in safelists a bit more I found out several things to use them more effectively. I wrote a separate article on that: Did you ever take the time to compare and explore safelists?

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